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Foshan Hotech Water Type Square Pipe Polishing Machine for Sand finishing / Hairline finishing

Water Type Square Pipe Polishing Machine utilizes a water-based polishing method, which helps to achieve high-quality finishes while minimizing dust and heat generated during the polishing process. The water serves as a coolant and lubricant, ensuring smooth polishing and preventing damage to the workpiece.

Square Pipe Compatibility: The machine is designed to polish square pipes of various dimensions and materials. It can handle both stainless steel and other metals commonly used in pipe manufacturing.

Polishing Methods: The machine offers two main types of finishes - sand finishing and hairline finishing. Sand finishing involves creating a textured surface, while hairline finishing produces a smooth, brushed appearance.

Water Cooling and Lubrication: Water is continuously circulated during the polishing process, keeping the workpiece and polishing belts cool. This helps prevent overheating and ensures consistent and uniform finishes.

Polishing Belts: The machine is equipped with abrasive belts that perform the actual polishing. These belts are typically made of high-quality materials and are designed to provide efficient and precise polishing.

Adjustable Parameters: The machine allows operators to adjust various parameters, such as belt speed, water flow, and pressure, to achieve the desired finish and meet specific requirements.

Control System: The machine may feature a user-friendly control panel that allows operators to set and monitor the polishing process easily. Some models might even offer programmable options for saving customized polishing settings.

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