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SS304 Heat Exchanger Industrial Tube Mill

Stainless steel Industrial Pipe Making Machine is design to produce welded round tubes/square tubes,with diameter 4.8mm-325mm,thickness 0.2mm-10mm. 
The tube mill is newly design based on proactical producing and acquiring the advantages of equipment Taiwan design, which is also convenient in operation and maintenance.

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Product Description:

Industrail tube making machine

Industrial tubes are used in the manufacturing of various automotive components, such as exhaust systems, fuel lines, brake lines, and suspension components.

Also can use for oil and gas industry for drilling, extraction, and transportation of oil and gas. They are used for manufacturing pipelines, drilling casings, and other components.

With the capability to create tubes ranging from 4.8mm to 325mm in diameter and thicknesses from 0.2mm to 10mm, this industrial pipe making machine stands as a pinnacle of versatility and precision in the realm of tube manufacturing.

To guarantee smooth operation and efficient heat transfer, our tube mill machine adheres to strict standards for threads, sealing, perforation apertures, welding, and compression. These standards are your assurance of reliable performance.

Industrial Pipe Making Machine

Machine Paramter
Major motorSiemens
ReducerNJ130 or Dongfeng 145
Cutting machineMetal saw cutting machine
Welding deviceIncluded
Machine baseQ235 materials
Machine shaft40Cr
Machine arrangement4-4-1-2-5 

 Customized Design
PLC control system Optional 
Roller bearing standd designOptional 
Grinding section Manual / Semi-automatic / Fully automatic
Double MotorOptional 
PLC control cutting machine-cut short pipe below 1 meterOptional 
Double acting systemOptional 
Online inside bead rolling machineOptional 
Online bright annealing machineOptional 

 After Sale Service
Warranty time1 year
Installation service15 years experience engineer base on salary
Factory layout drawingProvide
Return visit service2-3 times per month 
Field visit service

2-3 times for mature market

Steel Pipe Tube Manufacturing Machine characteristic:

◆ Top-Quality Build: Fabricated from Q235 steel plate, supplied by the world-renowned BAOSTEEL, this industrial tube mill undergoes vibration aging treatment to ensure unwavering stability.

◆ Taiwan Technology: Drawing inspiration from Taiwan's expertise, we've perfected the structural design, rendering it sturdy and reliable.

◆ Precision Beyond Measure: All critical components are processed by CNC machine centers, guaranteeing the highest level of precision.

◆ Transmission Excellence: Featuring the NJ130/Dong Feng auto transmission and enhanced turbine gearboxes, the transmission system remains incredibly stable.

◆ Tailored Solutions: Customization options abound, allowing you to tailor the industrial pipe making machine to your unique requirements.

Heat exchange tube is a device used to transfer heat from one system to another. It can help mechanical equipment maintain a stable temperature to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The modification and specifications of heat exchange tubes play an important role in the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

The specifications and standards of the heat exchange tube include: outer diameter of the heat exchange tube; wall thickness, inner diameter, length of the heat exchange tube, material of the tube, structure of the heat exchange tube, maximum temperature and minimum temperature, etc. 

The outer diameter of the heat exchange tube is generally 20-500mm, the wall thickness is generally 4-50mm, the inner diameter is generally 10-400mm, and the length of the heat exchange tube is generally 0.2-12m, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation. 

Heat exchange tube structures generally include straight tubes, bent tubes, U-shaped tubes, composite tubes, and branch tubes. The materials generally include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The maximum and minimum temperatures are determined according to the actual application.

The specifications and standards of heat exchange tubes also include thread standards, sealing standards, perforation aperture standards, welding standards, heat exchange tube compression standards, etc. These standards are to ensure the normal use of heat exchange tubes and ensure that the heat exchange tubes Can efficiently transfer heat.

Industrial Pipe Making Machine

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Industrial Pipe Making Machine Shipment

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